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Cadernos do OIMC

The Cadernos do OIMC are published by the Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change (OIMC) of the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ). With a continuous flow, this publication accepts proposals with theoretical essays, field research and action research reports, systematization of socio-environmental practices, public policy discussion documents, debates on the national, regional and international situation, seeking to establish an interdisciplinary dialogue with a plurality of agents of society, such as scholars, experts, civil servants, journalists, civil society agents, social movement leaders, as well as managers of socially and environmentally responsible businesses.

Editorial Board

Is composed of professors who are also members of the Observatory: Ana Paula Tostes, Carlos R. S. Milani, Elza Neffa, José Maurício Domingues and Mário Soares.

Editorial coordination

Is carried out by the coordinator on duty at the OIMC, currently Carlos R. S. Milani. The layout of the Cadernos do OIMC is under the responsibility of Mariana Dias and the layout is by Rubens de S. Duarte.


Caderno Nº1

Caderno Nº1


Background photo - Ricardo Siqueira