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The Project

The Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change (“OIMC”) develops and implements research, training and social and political advocacy activities in the field of climate change. Through the development of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, webinar cycles, in-person seminars, academic orientations, a Map Library with more than 4,000 images and publications such as the Cadernos do OIMC series, we bring together professors and researchers from different fields and higher education institutions.

• OIMC creation
• First Round of Webinars
• Launch of "Cadernos do OIMC" series
• Second Round of Webinars
• Antropocene, Climate Change and Social Sciences in Brazil seminar
• OIMC 1st Strategic Planing Workshop


General goal

To bring together researchers from institutions of excellence, through activities of research, training and social impact, in order to disseminate scientific knowledge articulated to the pro-climate agenda defended by local, national and international instances.

Specific goals

Develop research activities and analyze the causes and effects of climate change in several areas (sociology, political science, international relations, education, collective health, law, science social studies, among others) and scales (ranging from local to global).

Conduct educational activities, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses, open courses, supervision of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students and other activities in the field of climate emergency and mitigation models of its effects.

Promote activities of social and political awareness and public debates, through partnerships with institutions and civil society organizations, in dialogue with local, regional, national and global climate leaders.

Produce and disseminate teaching and pedagogical materials discussing the themes of climate change, development and the environment, in order to collaborate with the formulation of public policies, considering the interdisciplinary nature of climate emergency across policy sectors.


Institute of Social and Political Studies from the State University of Rio de Janeiro – IESP-UERJ

R. da Matriz, 82 – Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro