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OIMC seminar receives certification of Carbon Neutralization

On 30 March 2023, during the first day of the Anthropocene, Climate Change and Social Sciences in Brazil seminar, the Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change received the Prima Climate Awareness Seal, from the Prima Atlantic Forest and Sustainability Oscip. The certificate was awarded as a result of the work to offset the carbon that would be emitted by holding the seminar.

With the support of Prima and Instituto Floresta Darcy Ribeiro, the OIMC team took part in a collective effort to plant native tree seedlings in the Itaipú mangrove, in Niterói (RJ); converting the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) produced directly or indirectly by the event, from the transportation of participants to the infrastructure of the spaces used, in investment and maintenance of a biome able to incorporate into its biomass an equivalent amount of carbon emitted. Read more details about this action in the report produced by Prima Mata Atlântica, available at the link below.