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To the Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change (OIMC), set up at the Rio de Janeiro State University with the support of the Climate and Society Institute.


The Project

The OIMC currently brings together professors, researchers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students from different disciplines (political science, sociology, international relations, oceanography and education).

Year of creation
•First Round of Webinars
•Launch of "Cadernos do OIMC"

General Objective

To promote and disseminate research, policy-relevant knowledge and practices on climate change and its relationship with today’s development models and processes of social transformation at local, regional and global levels.

Specific objectives

The World Political Analysis Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research and teaching initiative that, since 2011, operates through two offices: one in Salvador at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and another one in Rio de Janeiro at IESP-UERJ. As true partners, both offices ensure the participation of researchers from different departments and university centers in Brazil and abroad in various projects, seminars and publications.
The Institute for Social and Political Studies (IESP), at the Rio de Janeiro State University, develops high-level research in various fields of Sociology, Political Science and International Relations. Its research groups associate master’s and PhD students in more than 30 research projects, distributed across several research programmes.
Climate and
Society Institute
The Climate and Society Institute (iCS) is a philanthropic organization that promotes prosperity, justice and low carbon development in Brazil. It works as a bridge between international and national funds and local partners, acting through a wide network of philanthropic organizations aiming at solutions to the climate crisis.
Teaching and Research Laboratory on International Relations
LabRI’s activities are organised around four modalities: research workshops, communication workshops, mini-courses and capacity building.
University Hall, Providence, RI.
The Climate Social Science Network
The Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change is part of the network created by Brown University (USA), acting mainly in the working group "Natural resources, energy and climate obstruction in the Global South".
ACA Brasil
OIMC is part of Climate Alliance Brazil (ACA Brasil), aiming to reconstruct Brazil's leading action in the climate change agenda.
Mangrove Studies Centre (NEMA)
The Mangrove Studies Centre was created at the Department of Oceanography at the Rio de Janeiro State University, and started its analyses in 1992 in the Guaratiba region in Rio de Janeiro.
Our Team
The Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change is composed of professors, senior and young researchers coming from different academic backgrounds.
Its governance is structured around three categories of researchers.