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Cadernos do OIMC N. 6, by Rubens de S. Duarte

The Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change is releasing the first 2023 edition of the Cadernos do OIMC series, with the article O BRASIL ABDICA DO PODER: An analysis of the impact of climate policy on national defence in the light of Morgenthau’s work, written by our associate researcher Rubens de Siqueira Duarte.

Inspired by the book Politics Among Nations published by the political scientist Hans Morgenthau, the author of this paper proposes to outline some initial analytical frameworks on Brazilian climate policy and its interface with national defence. Rubens Duarte holds a PhD in Politics and International Studies from the University of Birmingham (UK) and is an adjunct professor at the Graduate Programme in Military Sciences of the Meira Mattos Institute, within the Army Command and General Staff School (PPGCM-IMM-ECEME) and coordinator of the World Political Analysis Laboratory (LABMUNDO).